moorea seal's seattle flagship store opening

On Friday I had the pleasure of getting to go to Moorea's flagship brick & mortar store soft-opening party to preview everything and celebrate with her.  I first "met" Moorea when we both worked for Freckled Nest Design creating blog designs.  I realized that she lived in Seattle and started reading her blog and lusting after her beautiful jewelry creations, which at the time she sold in her etsy shop.  We've become friends over the years and I love getting to hang out with her at blog meet-ups and blogger conferences.  Last year when she launched her online retail store she used my home for a product photo shoot and I basically wanted to steal everything she brought for the shoot.  I was so impressed with the caliber of designers and the curation of products she'd chosen to sell and was so excited for her.  

One of the things I adore about Moorea is how she's constantly thinking of ways to give back.  Her store donates a portion of every sale to amazing causes and she's completely committed to empowering women and helping people, which I deeply admire.  When I heard that she was opening a brick and mortar shop in Seattle I was so thrilled for her.  I knew it would be stunning and as I walked through the doors on Friday my expectations were exceeded.  This woman is a powerhouse and I love her vision.  

If you're not local, you can still shop on her online shop here, full of the same beautiful items!

Moorea Seal Store

2523 3rd Ave, Seattle, Washington