colorful summer backyard engagement party

My husband and I got married 2.5 months after he proposed, so we didn't have an engagement party.  A couple years later we had bought a house and finally had a fun space to have a party, so we decided to throw a big party to welcome a good friend who had just moved to town, but I think that this party, which was a totally DIY affair, is definitely great inspiration for a low key, yet fancy, DIY engagement party!

We had lots of wine, plus some bubbly, so I decided it'd be great to do a mimosa bar.  We had cans of the bubbly, so if people wanted just bubs they could grab a can.  The full bottles were set up next to the juice for mimosas, and we had guava, mango, and the standard OJ as options, plus some raspberries to toss in for good measure.  And, of course, cute straws and sparkly swizzle sticks.  The mimosa bar was a huge hit.  I mixed guava and mango juice for my mimosa.  I could probably drink a hundred of them, but I didn't.  Because responsibility.  The light wines were perfect for summer evening.  I think Sofia Rosé is my new favorite summer wine, but I also love the crispness of the Riesling and Chardonnay.  On a hot day I almost want to chug a chilled wine, but that's not lady-like... it's just so refreshing!  The little mini Sofia cans are so much fun and were the perfect outdoor party beverage.  Even the most macho, bearded dudes thought they were fun.  Because they are.  So fun.  They come with little extend-o bendy straws.  I can't believe no one else makes these because it's brilliant.  I think they'd be perfect for a Bachelorette party, ladies night/sleepover, bridal shower... okay really I think they're perfect for most anything.

We made all of the food, except for the cupcakes, which were from Corina (who did my wedding cake and cupcakes!).  The menu included a cheese plate with lots of yummy cheeses and fruits, caprese quinoa stuffed mushrooms with balsamic reductionstrawberry honey brie crostinisantipasto skewerszucchini rolls, and macarons!  It took quite a few hours to prep everything, but we did it all that afternoon!  Add some farmers market flowers and you're good to go!