rebecca + kyle's new orleans wedding

This New Orleans wedding at Felicity Methodist Church and the House Of Broel was one for the books! When Rebecca contacted me a few months ago asking if I'd be willing to shoot her upcoming wedding I was thrilled for multiple reasons.  First of all, Rebecca is a great friend of mine from college.  We were in the same dorm freshman year and the group of girls that became friends that year living in the same hall is still great friends (and a majority of them were bridesmaids for this wedding which meant: friend reunion!).  It's been so amazing to be able to watch everyone grow and become even more amazing humans over the years since graduation.  I've been able to shoot 2 of their weddings so far, and we were definitely jokingly scheming a 3rd wedding so we could all reunite again soon (though it's far off in the future, assuming that prospect is even on the table, haha). 

Secondly, she would be having her wedding in New Orleans, which meant I would be able to shoot a New Orleans wedding!  So awesome!

And thirdly, I'd finally get to meet this dude who Rebecca had deemed worthy of her hand in marriage.

Their ceremony location was the gorgeous Felicity Church which, most importantly, Beyoncé has stepped foot in.  Her sister Solange's rehearsal dinner was held at Felicity Church, so the presence of Queen Bey was with us.  Beyoncé's presence or not, Felicity Church is an incredible venue.  The brick walls and vaulted sanctuary have such a warm and sacred vibe.  The ceremony was after sundown, so it was held in dim lighting and candlelight, which made it feel incredibly close knit.  

After that we all headed over to the House of Broel, which is a crazy place.  The history of house alone is amazing, and Bonnie Broel, the house's owner, has filled it with mementos from her life, and her mind-blowing handmade (by herself!) dollhouse museum.  It was definitely a taste of southern aesthetics for someone who's much more accustomed to Pacific Northwest outdoorsy minimalist aesthetics!  Since their wedding came just a few days after Christmas the house was still decked out in all it's Holiday regalia, which was quite festive.  

Rebecca and Kyle jetted off to the UK a couple days after the wedding for their honeymoon abroad and I've been seeing some awesome photos of them touristing it up in London!  Congrats you two!