matt + lauren's bridal veil falls oregon engagement session

Bridal Veil falls is a pretty perfect name for a place to do engagement photos, right?  This was an extra special shoot for me.  This fella right here?  He's my little bro.  And that's his almost-wife!  We'd been planning on doing a shoot with the two of them for what feels like years, but after he proposed in January, it became the perfect excuse to finally pull the trigger.  They live in the Portland area, so I actually did this shoot on my way down to our very first Wildbride Retreat on the Oregon Coast!  We stopped in Portland for the night to stay with my other brother, Ben, and do some last minute frantic trips to Home Depot for the Brave.  So Matt and Lauren drove over and we hit up Bridal Veil falls.

These crazy cats graduate from college next weekend and last weekend Matt had his film featured in the college film festival where he was nominated for an audio production award.  I watched him pull like four all-nighters (actual all-nighters, not I-stayed-up-till-3-then-went-to-bed) finalizing the audio on the film and I can't even believe how much work goes into every tiny aspect of audio on a film.  But I digress.

They're getting married in June, where I will also be photographing their wedding and doing some floral design for her bouquets!  It's going to be a super fun weekend, I can't wait!