Getting weird in Joshua Tree

just sun.png

While I was in Joshua Tree a couple months ago, I wanted to create some images that were just for fun.  No portfolio building, no shooting clients, just something creative and weird.  I didn't have any concept going into it, I'd just found a cool old dress at the thrift store that had a frothy feel to it and I thought it'd make for some interesting images.

I want to do more creating for the sake of creating.  A lot of times, those of us who create to pay the bills end up draining our creativity by never investing in making art for ourselves. It's hard because you feel like you're wasting time, in a way, shooting something that isn't going to add to your portfolio or attract more clients.  But being able to feed your creative soul is really the lifeblood of a creative business.  Constantly infusing your brain with new ideas and pushing the boundaries will always make you a better artist, and being a better artist makes you better at creating great work for your clients.  It can be hard for me to remember that.  You can't pour from an empty cup, they say.