Packwood Backyard Woodland Wedding

Seattle Mountain Wedding

I haven’t posted in almost a year, which is due to my decision to take a step back from wedding photography this year. After a huge year of transition, moving, and adjusting to life as a mom in 2017, I just needed a year to breathe, find my footing, and reevaluate.

In the meantime, I already had a couple weddings booked, and a some good friends got married and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot those nuptials, so I didn’t step away completely.

So what will 2019 look like? I’m still playing it by ear, but my books ARE open! I’m going to be taking on fewer clients because life with a toddler make everything more difficult and I want to make sure I have the time and energy to devote my best to each client, and also not completely drive myself into the ground and burnout.

I suppose this will end up being a sort of “year in review” but I wanted to go ahead and share the weddings I shot in 2018, starting with Maddie + Calvin! Maddie has been a good friend ever since I moved to Washington, and she’s been super close to my husband Dan for several years longer, so it was with great pleasure that I was able to capture her gorgeous, relaxed, wooded celebration at her family’s home in Packwood, WA!

Venue: Private Residence
Dress: Brides for a Cause
Floral: Liz Morrow Studios